Planning Technology in the Classroom Through Reverse Engineering with David Lopez and Tammy Dunbar

April 29, 2020



Creating the right technology environment is critical to today’s learning. But how does one go about setting up classroom technology the correct way? It all begins in the planning stages.

David Lopez, Senior Manager of Strategic Alliances, North America, EDU, at ScreenBeam, and Tammy Dunbar, Teacher, STEM, Manteca Unified School District, spoke with host Tyler Kern on strategies to ensure the desired classroom technology is in place.

“When it comes to technology, you need to take a look at what is the result you want in your classroom and how you can use technology to support the education of the students,” Dunbar said.

In terms of the actual planning of the classroom environment, Lopez said it is essential to reverse engineer the thought process and build off of the foundation of the wireless display. Then, Dunbar said, add devices to operate the wireless display based on specific needs and desires of the classroom.

A variety of connectable devices, from tablets to mobile digital whiteboards, enhance the classroom capabilities and display functionality. But it all begins with the wireless display and thinking about what your technology goals are.

Dunbar said, sometimes, seeing is believing. Other teachers got excited when they saw the wireless classroom setups ScreenBeam designed for her district. These educators recognized the possibilities for teaching with more mobility and flexibility around the classroom.

When asked by Kern how she ensured what was the right type of technology to bring into the classroom environment, Dunbar said, “I like to bring in as much technology to the classroom as I can, but in a natural way that makes sense. Technology that can enhance communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving is super helpful.”

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