Thoughts on Upcoming Bett and ISE Tradeshows with David Charbit & Jerome Moret

January 17, 2020



On this episode of Collaborative Tech Talk with ScreenBeam, the topic of conversation was the upcoming trade shows Bett (The British Educational Training and Technology Show) in London on Jan. 22-25 and ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam on Feb. 11-14. Jerome Moret and David Charbit from ScreenBeam joined the podcast to discuss the upcoming shows.

Moret and Charbit were looking forward to Bett because of the atmosphere it provides for them to showcase the latest ScreenBeam technology. Teachers come to the show, and Moret and Charbit can demonstrate the wireless connectivity their product brings to a classroom environment.

“Thanks to this show,” Moret said, “we can get together with all of our customers in one place instead of having to spend a lot of time traveling to get together with them.”

“You get to see and learn about the needs of different countries when going to an event like Bett,” Charbit added.

This year sees the release of a new ScreenBeam product focused on the pro-AV market, which makes attendance at ISE 2020 a must. While Bett is for the education market, ISE is for enterprise customers, and Moret said the strategic approach for ScreenBeam attending ISE is different.

“At Bett, an educator will be looking for a classroom solution, where at ISE, an enterprise customer will be looking for a solution for their business’ meeting rooms,” he said.

People are looking for solutions to be able to wirelessly connect their devices to displays, in meeting spaces and classrooms. Charbit and Moret could not wait to showcase their solutions during these upcoming shows.

You can find ScreenBeam at both shows. To get in touch, swing by booth NJ40 at Bett, or booth K176 in hall 14 at ISE.

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