AVIXA’s Role in Fostering Equity in the AV Industry

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

AVIXA, the leading association for the AV industry, is taking significant strides in promoting equity within the field. Their efforts are geared towards creating a more inclusive and diverse industry landscape, ensuring equal opportunities for all professionals.

One impactful initiative by AVIXA is their campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day. By highlighting and honoring women in the industry, they are already making a positive impact. Recognizing the existing inequities is a crucial step towards bringing about change.

To facilitate a more equitable AV industry, AVIXA emphasizes the importance of understanding and promoting equity. This involves implementing diverse and inclusive hiring processes that actively address bias in recruitment, promotions, and other aspects of employment.

Acknowledging that each employee starts from a different place, AVIXA aims to provide tailored support and resources. Creating a comprehensive research database, complete with roadmaps and real-life examples, would enable businesses to implement tangible changes within their workplaces. AVIXA members can access these resources, supporting equitable practices at the corporate level.

By actively championing equity, AVIXA is paving the way for a more inclusive AV industry, where all individuals can thrive and contribute to its growth and success.

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