Talkin’ Shop: Creating a Fantastic Future of European Equipment Distribution

Managing Director of Partner Limited, Sebastian Starosta, sat down with host of Talkin’ Shop, Tyler Kern, to discuss the partnership between Partner and Walbro.

Partner Limited is an industrial leader of machine parts located in Poland serving the diverse Europe area. Depending on the country, Partner operates as a B2B or B2C distributor according to that area’s needs.

Partner’s portfolio includes equipment parts for machines like lawn mowers and tractors, brush cutters, cattle saws, guzzling engines, and water pumps. They are an exclusive representative for several brands in the Polish and Europe market, like Walbro.

At Partner, a top priority is to remain relevant and competitive with new trends. One of those rapid-growing markets is cordless equipment. To fulfill this demand, Partner added batteries for cordless machines to their product offering.

As for what’s to come, Starosta believes guzzling equipment — or equipment that is engine-based and consumes fuel — will be a thing of the past and everything will switch to cordless.

“The industry changes very fast, and we have to try and adapt. I believe that we do it in a good way because the company is growing, and as I said, we do our best,” he explained. While Starosta fears the Russian war could influence the industry, the company has experienced 17% growth, and he feels optimistic about the future of Partner in the moment.

Partnering with Walbro since 2009, Partner hopes to become a hub for their partnership with the goal of doubling business. “Together, we should really create a fantastic future,” Starosta exclaimed.

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