Talking Shop with Internet Influencers

March 16, 2023

There are over 51 million YouTube channels out there; with so many, it’s hard to set yourself apart from others.

So, how do successful YouTube influencers not only survive, but thrive in the industry amidst the sea of channels?

On today’s episode of Talkin’ Shop with Walbro, Host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with @Donyboy73 (Don), creator of his channel, “Don the Small Engine Doctor,” @StevesSmallEngineSaloon (Steve), who created “Steve’s Small Engine Saloon” channel, and @Chickanic (Bre) to discuss their paths to becoming YouTube Influencers and how they each manage their content creation.

Mooney, @Donyboy73, @StevesSmallEngineSaloon, and @Chickanic also discussed…

  1. How they got hooked into YouTube content creation for their respective channels based on their areas of expertise
  2. Inspirational sources for their content creation
  3. How to find shop locations and future plans for building and location changes

@Donyboy73 explained how content creation works as one gains experience. “You actually never hit a wall. I think at the beginning, when you start YouTube, you might think that ‘At some point, I’m going to run out of ideas.’ But the more you do it, the more ideas you have, that you actually don’t have time to do them all.”

@Chicanic explained how much work goes into creating one video outside of her full-time shop job. “If I’m actually repairing something, it could be two to five hours and that’s after work and I’m really bad about waiting until the last minute so as soon as I film something, I edit it and put it out there the next day…so two to five hours of filming and then at least three hours of editing, creating a thumbnail, getting it uploaded…”

“I do repairs for family and friends and the occasional family friend and I get some of those where I can do a video on them but other than that, just comments and emails and also on my website…there’s a tab there where you can put your video suggestions in,” @StevesSmallEngineSaloon touched on his content creation methods, because unlike @Donyboy73 and @Chickanic, he does not have a working shop.

@Chicanic is a YouTube content creator who took two years of small engine repair in college and worked at a small engine shop afterward. She and her husband own a small engine shop in Arkansas and her goal with content creation is to help viewers save time, money, and frustration.

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