State of the Semiconductor Business – 2022

February 17, 2022


As we witness a semiconductor business revolution driven by an ever-expanding range of applications, it’s evident that the demand for these micro marvels is reaching new heights, according to experts at Technetics Semi on today’s episode of Getting Technetical. The ubiquitous presence of semiconductors, from Internet of Things sensors to high-end gaming systems, reinforces their pivotal role in our increasingly digitized world.

What’s more, the unexpected acceleration of this demand due to COVID-19-induced digitization, particularly in the sphere of remote working, has been a game-changer. Interestingly, the automotive industry, which initially pulled back on semiconductor orders during the pandemic, got caught flat-footed when an unexpected surge in sales led to a scramble for capacity. This misstep brought to light the industry’s somewhat unsophisticated supply chain management for semiconductors. However, it seems they are learning from their mistakes, with major players like General Motors now collaborating directly with foundries to custom-design chipsets, streamlining their electronics inventory.

The ensuing lessons and strategies from this unprecedented demand surge underscore the vital role of the semiconductor business in our interconnected world.

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