Unleashing the Potential of Custom Metal Designs: Overcoming Limitations in Shaping Steel

January 1, 2023

Michael Shealy, Senior Applications Engineer from Technetics in Columbia sheds light on the intricacies of shaping steel, particularly in the realm of custom designs. While circular steel seals serve many purposes, there are instances where unique hardware situations demand alternative shapes such as squares, rectangles, or slots. This poses a challenge that Technetics excels in addressing with its extensive capabilities.

The process of shaping steel typically involves starting with a circular seal and stretching it to achieve the desired form. However, this stretching process imposes significant stress on the seals, leading to certain limitations that need to be considered during the design phase.

One critical limitation highlighted by the engineer is the requirement for corners in the shape design to be at least six times the cross-section of the steel’s free height or cross-section. This guideline ensures structural integrity and optimal performance of the seal.

Moreover, the engineer emphasizes the impact of corner tightness on the overall stiffness of the seal. As the corners are compressed and experience radial movement, hoop stress becomes a significant factor to consider. Therefore, in locations where shape designs incorporate corners, a slightly stiffer flange design is necessary to accommodate the additional stiffness due to hoop stress.

By sharing these insights, Technetics aims to guide customers and provide them with valuable knowledge for their unique hardware situations. Their expertise in shaping metal steels and their understanding of the limitations involved enable them to deliver tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

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