Captain Kelly Details Some Facts About Marine VHF Radios and Their Use On Shore

April 4, 2024
Kelly Gordon


In the latest episode of Icom’s “Fact or Fiction with Captain Kelly,” a pressing question is addressed that tangles with both maritime communication norms and legal nuances. For a brief explanation what’s true and what’s false into the often misunderstood regulations surrounding the use of handheld VHF radios on land is explored.

Featuring Captain Kelly herself, she brings to light the legality and practicality of using marine handheld VHF radios on shore. Contrary to popular belief, she clarifies that it is not illegal to use these devices on land and further addressed some common misconceptions and outdated information citing FCC rules dating back to 2016 allowing for the use of marine VHF radios onshore in proximity to the water for purposes directly related to the safety and communication of the vessel and its crew. Captain Kelly aims to correct misinformation and be a guide on the lawful and safe use of marine VHFs on land.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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