The Active Vibration Control System That Protects Instruments and Preserves Surrounding Environment

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

In the field of advanced machinery and sensitive instruments, controlling vibrations is of paramount importance. STACIS, an active vibration control system, steps in with a unique configuration to serve this very purpose. With a downward-facing, active vibration control loop, STACIS focuses on neutralizing the floor vibrations. This control loop works in tandem with a rubber spring of about fifteen to twenty Hertz.

When a machine placed on a STACIS platform is in motion, the generated vibrations are significantly reduced by the rubber spring before they can reach the floor. This dual-action system of the active vibration control and the rubber spring attenuates both incoming and outgoing vibrations, creating a more stable environment for the machinery.

While STACIS active vibration control system was primarily designed to protect the instruments it supports from environmental vibrations, it also serves the secondary function of dampening the vibrations produced by the machine itself. This contributes to maintaining the overall stability of the machine’s environment, preventing a ripple effect of disturbances that could potentially affect surrounding instruments or machinery.

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