Post Oaks: Managing Stress for Healthy Growth

October 19, 2023
Sunny Crutchfield



In this enlightening video, ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers delves into the world of trees and their remarkable ability to communicate their well-being to us. Wes observes and deciphers the signs of stress exhibited by trees. As the camera pans up through the canopy, we’re greeted by an unexpected sight—patches of blue sky peeking through a thinning layer of green leaves. This, we learn, is a crucial indicator of the tree’s distress. His keen eye also focuses on the branches, specifically their tips. The presence or absence of new growth becomes a telltale sign of the tree’s vitality, or lack thereof. A close-up view reveals the intricate dance of life and decline happening at the tips. Further insights emerge as we’re guided to notice the presence of large, lifeless branches. Positioned strategically in well-lit areas, they silently hint at underlying issues.

However, the distinction between concern and normalcy becomes clear—branches in lower and interior regions are part of a natural shading process. Ultimately, the video underscores the tree’s silent language, reminding us that within their majestic forms lies a story of resilience and responsiveness.

Discover more reasons why working with an arborist can safeguard the future of your trees!

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The Role of Professional Tree Services in Maintaining Healthy Post Oaks in Dallas

Understanding the Unique Needs of Post Oaks in Dallas

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