Episode 2 – Question Everything: Insights from Vaya Space Engineers on Igniting Curiosity

December 1, 2022
irfan ullah


In the vast expanse of the cosmos, a team of engineers at Vaya Space is pushing the boundaries of space exploration, rockets, and engineering. In a captivating episode of the Vaya Space Ask an Engineer Podcast, hosted by John Humphries, we delve into the fascinating work of Veronica Betancur, a mechanical engineer specializing in structures and mechanisms, and Mikaela Juda, a systems engineer adept at orchestrating seamless collaborations.

During the podcast, Veronica sheds light on the significance of composite materials in aerospace engineering. These hybrid materials offer a unique blend of strength, stiffness, and lightweight characteristics. By combining different materials, engineers can achieve remarkable results, including complex shapes, enhanced fatigue resistance, and reduced thermal deformation. The strategic use of composites allows Vaya Space to optimize rocket structures, enabling a higher payload capacity without compromising performance.

In a similar vein, Mikaela reflects on the role of systems engineering and the challenge of harmonizing technical expertise with interpersonal skills. Communication lies at the heart of her role, as she navigates the intricacies of coordinating diverse teams and aligning their efforts. Mikaela emphasizes the importance of adapting communication styles to foster collaboration, enabling seamless information exchange and enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

Veronica and Mikaela’s message to aspiring engineers and space enthusiasts is clear: pursue your dreams relentlessly, no matter the scale, and embrace the power of curiosity by questioning everything.

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