Episode 1 – Dreamers to Innovators: The Journey of Vaya Space Engineers Redefining Aerospace

November 1, 2022
irfan ullah


In the fascinating realm of aerospace engineering, the steady advancement of technology drives an eternal cycle of discovery and innovation. Today’s passionate and dedicated experts, like Brian Deyo and Carson Zide from Vaya Space, stand at the forefront of this field, tackling complex challenges such as designing hybrid engines and applying novel ignition techniques like laser ignition systems.

Deyo and Zide are part of an evolving industry that has dramatically transitioned from the romantic days of the Space Race to today’s commercial and private enterprises which democratize access to space. Fuelled by childhood dreams and a passion for exploration, they work to unlock the secrets of efficient and safe space travel, setting a high bar for future generations of engineers.

Moreover, they leverage contemporary technology, like the Epsilon 3 program, to streamline operations and enhance safety protocols, demonstrating the importance of innovation in their work. As we venture further into this conversation, we’ll gain insights into their journey, inspirations, and the intricate details of their work, paving the way for a new era of space exploration. Let’s dive in and explore their world, guided by our host, John Humphreys.

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