Episode 3 – Avionics Unleashed: How Vaya Space Engineers are Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Innovation

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah


In the world of space exploration and engineering, Vaya Space is making waves with its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability. In a recent episode of the “Ask an Engineer” podcast, host John Humphreys interviewed two key members of the Vaya Space team, Josh Dzugen and Rick Powis. Josh, an electrical engineer associate, spoke about his passion for RF communications and the exciting challenges he faces in designing and integrating avionics systems for rockets. Meanwhile, Rick, a senior avionics engineer with decades of experience, shared his journey from the Air Force to Vaya Space, highlighting the importance of a solid foundation in understanding the fundamentals of avionics. Their expertise and dedication contribute to Vaya Space’s success in scaling up rocket prototypes and transitioning to more efficient turbine-driven engines. It’s clear that the fusion of engineering, mathematics, and physics plays a crucial role in their work, underscoring the distinction between electrical engineers and electricians. As Vaya Space continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, their commitment to cutting-edge technology and a greener future remains at the forefront.

Rick highlighted the remarkable progress in computer power since the Apollo missions, emphasizing the importance of size, weight, and power (SWAP) considerations in modern flight instrument and navigation systems. Meanwhile, Josh emphasized the critical thinking and problem-solving skills required in engineering, urging aspiring engineers to collaborate, challenge themselves, and constantly question their own knowledge. The passion and joy experienced by both Rick and Josh in their work underscored the significance of pursuing a career that aligns with one’s true passion.

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