Episode 1 – Exploring Hybrid Rocket Engines with Vaya Space

January 5, 2023
irfan ullah


The world of space exploration is entering a new era, driven by advancements in rocket technology and engineering. With the rise of private space companies and increased interest in space tourism and exploration, discussions around the design and functionality of rocket engines have never been more relevant. Hybrid rocket engines, a somewhat under-explored technology in the past, are being brought to the fore by innovative companies such as Vaya Space.

So, what makes a hybrid rocket engine so intriguing, and why might they be the future of space travel? These are the critical questions we explore in this episode of “Actually, It Is Rocket Science” by Vaya Space.

Hosted by Brian Deyo, a Propulsion Engineer at Vaya Space, and featuring guest Sean Bowman, Fluid Thermal Control Engineer at the company, this podcast delves into the fascinating world of hybrid rocket engines. Key topics covered in the discussion include the basic components of these engines, their unique benefits and challenges, and the potential for simplifying rocket design through hybrid technology.

The main points of discussion from the episode are:

  • Understanding the core components of hybrid rocket engines
  • The safety and simplicity benefits of using solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer
  • The potential of 3D printing in the manufacturing process of these engines

Sean Bowman, holds a significant role at Vaya Space as a Fluid Thermal Control Engineer. He specializes in propulsion design, playing a crucial part in the development and analysis of Vaya’s engine components.

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