Placemaking For Tomorrow: Insights on How Entertainment Retail Drives Developments

January 1, 2023


In this engaging live broadcast roundtable with Host Gabrielle Bejarano, a panel of seasoned professionals from the retail, entertainment, and construction sectors delve into the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment retail industry.

The panelist guests include Michael Platt, Senior VP Mixed-Use Development at Centennial Real Estate, Randy Stone, Principal at Omniplan Architects, Robert Thompson, Founder and CEO at Camp Pickle & Jaguar Bolera, Shawn Fullman, Senior VP at Lincoln Property Company, and Derek Alley, CEO at VCC. The guests share their expertise on topics such as the current marketplace, the importance of entertainment in driving consumer engagement, the role of curation and collaboration in mixed-use developments, and the impact of entertainment on socialization and consumer spending. Panelists also touch on the challenges and opportunities in retail construction, the significance of early team building in the development process, and the need for adaptive repurposing to revitalize existing structures. Join this thought-provoking discussion to gain insights into the exciting world of entertainment retail, and mixed-use development.

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