Revolutionizing Construction: Proactive Pre-Construction to Beat Supply Chain Challenges

January 1, 2023


In the ever-evolving construction industry, staying ahead of the game is crucial. That’s where VCC’s revolutionary pre-construction process comes into play. With over three decades of experience revolutionizing construction, VCC has honed its expertise across all product sectors nationwide, making them the go-to team for clients seeking extensive knowledge and insight.

What sets VCC apart is its proactive approach to pre-construction? Adrianna Sapra, Director of Marketing, Jason Keeney, Senior VP, Donn Calaway, AIA and Chief Design Officer, Taylor Marsalis, Director of Pre-construction, and John Herring, Director of Quality Control, all weigh in. It’s not just about creating budgets and schedules; it’s about bringing real-life methods, experience, and problem-solving skills to the table. By performing thorough peer reviews, VCC ensures that potential issues are identified and resolved early on, saving time and money during the actual construction phase.

Currently, the construction industry faces a significant challenge with supply chain material shortages. However, VCC’s pre-construction process allows them to get ahead of these issues, mitigating potential delays and eliminating any last-minute surprises. By carefully identifying materials and systems that could cause setbacks, they provide their clients with valuable insights to make informed decisions and plan accordingly.

Collaboration is key throughout the pre-construction process. Starting with project management, the baton is passed to the scheduling department headed by Scheduling Manager Michelle Luce-Gilson, where skilled planners take charge. Their expertise allows them to develop accurate timelines and guide ownership and design teams in the best ways to build a project, even in its conceptual stage. This early involvement ensures everyone is on the same page, fostering open communication, and setting the stage for success.

VCC’s commitment to constant improvement and adaptation is what keeps them at the forefront. They stay abreast of new technologies, unit costs, and inflation tables, allowing them to refine their pre-construction process daily. This dedication ensures they provide the best possible service to their clients, setting the industry standard for excellence.

Revolutionizing construction through proactive pre-construction, VCC is leading the way in navigating the challenges of the supply chain shortage era. Their extensive knowledge, meticulous planning, and collaborative approach empower clients to make informed decisions, reduce delays, and optimize budgets. By leveraging their expertise, VCC sets the stage for successful construction projects and continues to shape the future of the industry.

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