VCC: Where Construction Meets Family, Growth, and World-Class Projects!

January 1, 2023


In the realm of construction companies, VCC stands out from the crowd. With a deep-rooted commitment to caring, building relationships, and exceeding expectations, they have achieved success that is hard to match with world-class projects. What sets VCC apart is its unwavering dedication to its clients, coworkers, vendors, and partners.

Despite being a large company, VCC maintains a close-knit family atmosphere. Each individual feels valued, not just as a number within a vast organization, but as an integral part of a supportive community. The strong work ethic and positive energy that permeate the company create a unique environment, setting them apart from their competitors.

VCC understands that culture cannot be replicated easily. They foster a sense of togetherness through extracurricular activities like family picnics, golf outings, and even billiard tournaments. This family-oriented approach extends to their open-door policy, allowing employees to reach out to anyone, from the CEO, Derek Alley, to project managers such as Hayden Herring and Shane Collins, and head of Preconstruction, Taylor Marsalis, fostering effective communication and problem-solving.

At VCC, growth is not a mere buzzword. Regardless of your entry-level position, the company believes in limitless possibilities for advancement. In project management, operations, scheduling, safety, accounting, and more, opportunities abound. They actively encourage employees to reach for the sky and support their professional development every step of the way.

What makes VCC truly exciting is its involvement in dynamic, world-class projects across the country. If the prospect of traveling and constructing extraordinary places ignites your passion, VCC might be the perfect fit for you.

Join VCC and become part of a remarkable construction company where the possibilities are endless and the bonds are unbreakable.

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