Omnichannel Strategies in Business Reach the Fitness Industry

February 22, 2023
Chase Wasson

Staying active isn’t just about being healthy in body – but also in mind. The mental benefits of fitness have helped a number of people transform their lives – not least one whose childhood trauma shaped the person he is today. So, how did fitness improve one man’s life and teach him to utilize omnichannel strategies to cement himself as an icon within the fitness industry?

In this episode of #WinTheDay, host Chase Wasson chats with special guest, fitness icon and entrepreneur Chase Harris, to talk about his journey in building his personal brand.

Growing up in a small town, Harris experienced situations that led to him growing up quicker than any child should – from kidnapping to addiction – Harris’ life journey put him through tumultuous times which ultimately spiraled into a felony conviction of drinking under the influence. After entering into a strict rehabilitation program, Harris transformed his life and retrained his brain to become the person he is today.

“When you experience things like that and you see how people can get knocked down and get back up, that kind of influenced me to…pour life into people…and so, through fitness I’m able to not only help you build your self-esteem by changing your physique, also speak positive affirmations to you…so they truly start to love themselves again,” said Harris.

Wasson and Harris discussed omnichannel and…

● How Harris built his positive attitude in spite of his upbringing

● How Harris learned to accept the consequences of his actions and move forward using omnichannel to solidify his place in the fitness industry

● Why building his brand helped Harris overcome obstacles, give back to the community, and inspire others to do the same

“…And so, essentially, that’s what my brand was. It was a way for me to express myself outwardly to the community but also impact people that are dealing with the same issues that I’m dealing with and now we get to wear it on our chest and have an affirmation every single day…,” said Harris.

Harris certainly hasn’t had it easy – but he has persevered. Now, as the Founder of CSH Management, Harris teaches people every day how to push through tumultuous times and try to be the best version of themselves. In building his brand, Harris has leveraged omnichannel platforms, including social media platforms TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, to inspire others in their fitness transformation journeys.

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