The technology solutions for the transportation industry are hyper-specialized. AV needs for public transit can differ from other markets. AtlasIED’s Chris Deatrick, Product Manager, and Justin Young, General Manager, lent their expertise in software engineering and industry focus to help unpack the needs, and provide solutions for various transportation sectors.

When the focus is on AV solutions for the public transit sector, there are a couple of key considerations.

“First and foremost, with this market,” Young said, “intelligibility of the provided audio is king. Everything starts with that. The technology requirements to meet that is a mix of audio reproduction of the speakers, the system design of the acoustical spaces, the ability to control where the audio routes to, and if it is synchronized audio [are all key] to maximize the intelligibility.”

The second thing is the system needs to be reliable.

“When you are dealing with emergency mass notification systems,” Young said, “you have to have a system installed that has credibility. The end customer has to believe the system is going to work.”

Due to the complex nature of some transportation settings (airport terminals and train stations), the AV networking solutions need to be adaptable and agile, allowing for specific communication control, messaging in various areas and unique job requirements.

Deatrick pointed out that, while a good 90-95% of the AV needs of, say, an airport terminal, are standard, it’s the 5-10% of custom work that can make the difference.

“This is an area where AtlasIED shines, logistically,” Deatrick said. “We have a good granularity of pieces and parts and components where we can put together and make a 100% solution for a customer.”

And AtlasIED’s custom team can help resolve special customer needs where a standard solution won’t work.

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