AV Nightmares: July 19

The world of pro AV is expected to be smooth and seamless. That is why people utilize the services of professionals in this industry. People want enhanced experiences, to be taken to places they cannot go on their own, and they want to be taken there at their own pace.

When executed, this experience is a marvel that can transform an environment. But as we see in this set of AV Nightmares, when done wrong, people might be content to go back to the days that predate electronics as a whole.

Enjoy these epic disasters of instillation, and enjoy not being a part of them!


So kindergartners are now taking care of wires

That’s definitely not how it’s supposed to look

Maybe you could try a longer cord?

Apparently taking care of your cables just isn’t important….


Now I’m no expert, but I don’t think it’s supposed to look like this

Be careful in those “lizzards” 

At least Delta is quick on their feet!

I can’t tell where it begins or ends

Nope. I don’t like that. 

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