Redefining AV Technology: Turning Supply Chain Challenges into Triumphs in 2023

December 19, 2023


Amidst the backdrop of ongoing supply chain challenges, 2023 has been a pivotal year for the Audio-Visual (AV) industry, marked by significant innovations and shifts in traditional practices. This context sets the stage for an in-depth exploration of the year’s most impactful developments and future projections in AV technology.

Matt Boyer, Director of Technology at Vistacom offers a comprehensive review of the AV industry’s evolution over the past year. He highlights how the response to supply chain disruptions led to the discovery of new products and solutions, steering away from conventional methods. Boyer also sheds light on the anticipated impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AV sector, with a particular emphasis on advancements in system monitoring and remote service support. he also addresses the need for more open APIs to enhance remote diagnostics and updates, ensuring the ongoing security and efficiency of AV devices.

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