With no remaining veterans of the first Great War alive today, the preservation of its history is particularly important.

Bringing a 100-year-old conflict to life is difficult but at the National WWI Museum in Kansas City Missouri, it is a critical task. In order to teach the youngest generation the lessons of the past, it was necessary to tell the story of WWI in an immersive and engaging manner.

Electrosonic, a Pro AV solutions provider based in Burbank, California, provided the museum with interactive video displays to better humanize soldiers’ stories and provide scope to the war.

“When you see children look into a recreation of a trench and hear audio recordings of soldiers talking about their experience, when they turn away you can see it on their faces just how meaningful it is to them,” Mike Vietti, Director of Marketing, Communication & Guest Services for the museum said. “You can see the cognitive learning that’s going on.”

As the war continues to recede farther into the past, the technology in the museum aims to make sure the lessons of the past are learned, and not doomed to be repeated.

“To many people this is ancient history. So, technology becomes even more invaluable as we shape and tell the story of what took place in the first truly global conflict in human history,” Vietti said.

Technology is taking history beyond the pages of textbooks and helping museum visitors experience the past today.

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