Sounds Like Success: Carefully Building on a Good Reputation

February 11, 2020
Sean Heath


The benefits of developing a good reputation are immense. The challenge comes when a company needs to evolve their offerings. On this episode of Sounds Like Success, Tom Lureman, Director of Engineering and Product Management for AtlasIED, and Steve Clay, Engineering Program Manager sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the challenges of redefining an already stellar reputation.

One benefit that accompanies a good reputation is achieving a large customer base, according to Lureman.

“We’re highly known for ceiling speakers in large commercial spaces. But, more recently, we’re well known in the education industry, as well as airports, where we have most of the major airports in the United States for paging systems,” Lureman said.

As companies acquire new personnel, the opportunity to define that team’s purview and road map is extremely important, Lureman explained.

“It was extremely refreshing for having someone telling Engineering that we can have the time to develop the products and the platform, but more importantly, up front, without quarterly expectations of the investment,” he said.

The skills that a new team can provide make an enormous difference when expanding a company’s offerings, detailed Clay.

“We essentially have some rock stars. We have tons of talent. They already know how to work together. We just needed to put them to work. We were able to bring some great tools and experience in product validation with us,” Clay said.

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