Living Live: Controlling the Chaos of Live Production


On this episode of Living Live with Ross Video, host Tyler Kern was joined by Ross Product Manager, Dashboard Amanda Holtstrom and Technical Product Manager, Dashboard James Peltzer.

Dashboard is Ross’s answer to the chaos of live production – with this free and open platform, users can build unique, tailored CustomPanels that help streamline their operation and provide a simple-to-use way to engage in beneficial facility control and monitoring.

“I think anyone that has to do live productions knows that, in the middle of an event or a moment, it’s important to limit the number of options you have available to you to make sure you don’t do the wrong thing,” Peltzer said. “You want to be able to choose from a reduced set of features and options that allow you to make sure what you’re doing is correct and reproducible.”

This need is only amplified, Holtstrom said, by the complexity of many live production environments.

Some of the key features of a solution like Dashboard are the ability to select the features that are most meaningful and critical to a producer during a production, allowing for the creation of presets that further streamline future workflows, scripting features, easy-to-understand visual logic, and more.

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