Data Aggregation and Global Connectivity: Events Data and Devices

August 25, 2023
Jon Paul Beauchamp


The interlinking of data aggregation and global connectivity in today’s fast-paced digital age highlights the importance of events data and communication devices in various industries.

Large organizations, from casinos to the Department of Defense, increasingly rely on radios and data technology to streamline operations and enhance communication. With a staggering number of institutions, including hospitals, universities, and public safety agencies, turning to data presentation for efficient functioning, the stakes have never been higher.

But how do these organizations manage such vast amounts of data, and what role do radios play in this intricate web of communication?

Welcome to Radios in Action, hosted by Jon Paul Beauchamp, Icom Senior Sales Manager. In this episode, Beauchamp peers into the world of connectivity, events data, and devices with his guest, Chad Sallman, Datalink International Sales Director. Together, they explore the significance of radios in action and their pivotal role in large events and data aggregation.

The main points of their discussion include the following:

  • The increasing reliance of major organizations on data aggregation
  • The evolution of wireless data, GPS, and telematics technology over the past two decades
  • The unique approach of Datalink Systems in integrating various hardware and providing a unified interface

Chad Sallman boasts an impressive career spanning two decades in wireless data, GPS, and telematics technology. He currently serves as the International Sales Director for Datalink Systems. Before joining Datalink, Chad was with Garmin International for 15 years, managing a global ecosystem of telematic solution providers. His journey began in the wireless sector with Nextel before its merger with Sprint. Chad’s educational background is rooted in William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, where he pursued baseball and imbibed the ethos of experiential learning and critical thinking. With a reputation for thinking outside the box, Chad’s innovative approach has made him a valuable asset in data aggregation and communication solutions.

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