Elevate Your Conference Space with the Revolutionary Mimo Myst Family

January 1, 2023


In today’s dynamic business landscape, maximizing productivity and connectivity in conference spaces is paramount. Introducing the revolutionary Mimo Myst family, a suite of innovative displays designed to elevate your conference room while providing unrivaled affordability. With its striking design and advanced features, the Mimo Myst family is set to transform the way you collaborate and communicate.

Unleashing the Power of AV over IP: Mimo Myst Link

Leading the pack is the Mimo Myst Link, the first AV over IP display with HDMI capture. This groundbreaking solution leverages the flexibility of Ethernet connectivity, offering seamless integration without the need for extensive installations or complicated setups. With its stunning, high-end design, the Myst Link combines elegance with practicality, all at an affordable price point. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and extenders, and embrace a future-proof conferencing experience that boosts productivity and enhances collaboration.

Feature-Rich Evolution: Mimo Myst Capture

The Mimo Myst family also includes the feature-rich Mimo Myst Capture, an evolution of the award-winning Mimo View Capture. With its advanced capabilities, this display takes content sharing and collaboration to new heights. Capture and share high-quality video and audio effortlessly, providing a seamless experience for all participants. The Myst Capture ensures that every idea, presentation, or visual element is conveyed with clarity and impact.

Simplicity and Convenience: Mimo Myst for Android

For those who value the convenience of a common operating system, the Mimo Myst for Android offers an exceptional solution. With just one cable installation, enjoy seamless connectivity and integration with your existing conferencing software. This display combines the power of Android with the elegance of the Myst family, delivering a user-friendly experience that streamlines collaboration and communication.

Flexible Mounting Options and Compatibility

The Mimo Myst family caters to your unique needs with wall and swivel table mount options available for all displays. This flexibility empowers you to choose the ideal setup that aligns with your conference room design and enhances usability. Additionally, all Mimo Myst displays are compatible with the largest video conferencing software, ensuring seamless integration into your preferred communication platforms.

Future-Proof Solutions for Long-Distance Installations

With the Mimo Myst family, long-distance installations become a breeze. By eliminating the need for extra extenders and cables, these displays offer a future-proof solution that saves you time, effort, and resources. Invest in the Mimo Myst family and rest assured that your conference room is equipped to meet the demands of evolving technology and communication trends.

Reimagine and Empower Your Conference Room with Mimo Myst

Take your conference room to new heights with the game-changing Mimo Myst family. Whether you choose the Myst Link, Myst Capture, or Myst for Android, each display embodies elegance, affordability, and advanced technology. Experience seamless connectivity, unparalleled productivity, and a visually stunning conference space that inspires collaboration and drives success.

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