Elevating and Innovating Communication in K-12 Classrooms

September 10, 2020


Education is on everyone’s mind, as this fall’s back-to-school season looks different in every way due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AtlasIED’s Michael Peveler, Vice President of Sales, and Michael Yonks, Regional Sales Manager for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, spoke about the challenges facing K-12 schools and districts and how AtlasIED’s solutions can make communication simpler.

“There are a number of places AtlasIED plays in the K-12 space from a product and solutions standpoint,” Peveler said, noting that here are many communication tools available, from PA announcement and intercom systems throughout a school to classroom audio systems and microphones to lift a teacher’s voice throughout the facility. “We really have made a name for ourselves in the IP endpoint space. We introduced the first IP endpoints, or speakers, as some call them, and it evolved far beyond that over the years.”

While the education sector used AtlasIED’s products and solutions long before the pandemic, the challenges brought by COVID-19 are providing new opportunities for these products to play a role in helping get schools ready for in-person learning. Yonks spoke about AtlasIED’s wireless mic product, Atlas Learn.

“Atlas Learn is the same product before COVID; it hasn’t changed,” Yonks said. “It is a voice reinforcement solution. It’s a classroom microphone, either a lapel or lanyard, that a teacher can wear. Now, with COVID, there’s the probability of teachers teaching with masks on. The intelligibility of the teacher’s voice, especially in a larger classroom, is critical. It shows the value of a solution like Atlas Learn in that environment.”

Peveler and Yonks stressed no matter the need, large or small, AtlasIED can meet those education communication challenges with cost-effective solutions, easy implementation and available online training.

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