Fostering Innovation and Interoperability: Aurora Multimedia & SDVoE’s Vision for AV

March 22, 2024

In a recent episode of “Cutting Through,” host Ben Thomas dove deep into the evolving world of AV over IP with industry leaders Paul Harris, President & CEO of Aurora Multimedia, and Stephane Tremblay, CEO of the SDVoE Alliance. As Infocomm looms and the industry buzzes with anticipation, they explored what’s new and what’s next.

The State of AV over IP

Paul Harris shared his insights into the paradox of AV over IP technology: as it evolves, it also stays rooted. He highlighted that while the industry craves a unified standard, the current focus remains on one gig and ten gig solutions. According to Harris, this provides a “comfortable place” for now, with no significant demand for going beyond these capacities.

The Demand for Higher Quality

Tremblay pointed out the necessity of ten gig solutions in high-stakes environments like medical or eSports where latency and image compression can’t be tolerated. He emphasized the transition from traditional matrix switch sports to AV over IP—a shift that, once made, is irreversible, heralding a new era of quality and flexibility.

The Challenges of Interoperability

Discussing the importance of interoperability, Harris mentioned that aligning with customer needs is crucial, but it often means navigating a maze of different brands and technologies. He emphasized the need for education, especially regarding network switches, and commended Netgear for their initiative to assist customers in this area.

Educating the Integrators

Tremblay underscored the SDVoE Alliance’s commitment to education, particularly with their Certified Design House program, which ensures that at least 25% of an integrator’s technical team is SDVoE trained. This emphasis on education is paramount for integrators to properly specify and install SDVoE technology.

The Future of AV over IP

Looking to the future, Harris candidly discussed the concept of “future proofing,” calling it a “joke.” Instead, he focused on the foundation that technologies like SDVoE provide, allowing for growth and progression. He teased upcoming surprises from Aurora Multimedia at Infocomm, suggesting an emphasis on ten gig solutions and innovative products like the ultra, a ten gig device with an integrated Intel PC and multi-view capabilities.

Embracing Change and Education

Tremblay highlighted a shift in focus for SDVoE at trade shows, moving from technology demonstrations to application-based showcases. This approach aims to connect more effectively with a broader audience, from system integrators to end-users. With a new Interoperability Committee, SDVoE is furthering its commitment to ensuring seamless product compatibility within its ecosystem.

Concluding Thoughts

As the episode concluded, both Harris and Tremblay shared their excitement for the upcoming Infocomm, where education, innovation, and networking will take center stage. Harris teased that Aurora Multimedia would unveil new surprises, building on their robust ten gig offerings. In contrast, Tremblay looked forward to showcasing SDVoE’s application-level innovations.

“Cutting Through” reaffirmed that in the rapidly evolving domain of AV over IP, education, interoperability, and strategic innovation are keys to moving the industry forward. Stay tuned for the next episode, where these conversations continue to cut through the complexity of AV technology.

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