Four Winds Shares What Makes Them Unique Among Digital Signage Companies

Joe Giebel, Sales Director at Four Winds Interactive, recently attended DSE, where he talked about why Four Winds was there and what makes their digital signage company unique.

“Four Winds is a thirteen-year-old visual communications company and what makes us unique is we’ve developed a platform that enables our clients to build business applications that are relevant to their employees and their customers to help drive action or decision-making as fast as possible.

“We’ve got a tremendous development team, and we really listen to our clients. We are actually hosting a client advisory board meeting today, and we allow our clients to set the roadmap, try to understand what their business objectives are, and how visual applications might enable them to achieve those goals a little bit better.

“Four Winds stays innovative through our clients. We allow them to drive our development. Feature sets that come into the product. We really try to listen to what their needs are and what they’re trying to achieve through visual communications. That’s how we make our decisions on research and development.

“We love coming to DSE because it’s our big industry show,” he says. “There’s a lot of shows that are technology shows or industry-specific, and not necessarily focused on visual communications or digital signage. We get to see all our partners, vendors, and competitors, and have a little fun, too.

“We are able to stay on top of different industry trends because we work closely with our clients. We really want to understand: how do you anticipate using the system? What are you hoping to achieve from it? We really want to go with market solutions that drive results that match the goals of our clients. To do that, we need to understand what it is they are trying to achieve and we take a lot of time to make sure we are trying to understand that.

“Four Winds’ biggest differentiator is the ability to drive relevant applications across a number of application areas. So, whether we’re trying to make facilities more efficient, trying to drive employee engagement, drive performance within an operation team, or create engagement and brand recall within our customer base, we’ve got focused solutions and applications that drive that specifically. We also have the flexibility to create custom applications on the fly. While we may be able to bring some applications that are relevant day one, our client base can develop things that are specific to them very easily.

“I’m most excited about mobile being a trend, both from content delivery as well as content management. We use our mobile phones every day. We like them: they’re easy to use, they’re accessible. I want to be able to change my content and digital signage networks through my mobile devices—tablets, web browsers,” and then use them to build applications and create the same experience you’re used to on large format screens on whatever device you carry around day to day. “So, you can have it within your workplace, within your retail centers, but also when you’re on the move.”

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