A Heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving 2023 Message from Icom

November 22, 2023


As the leaves change and the holiday spirit fills the air, Icom America extends a warm and friendly Happy Thanksgiving 2023 greeting to its valued customers. This heartwarming video shows employees across various departments sharing their reflections and gratitude. From the customer service team to the senior managers, each member expresses appreciation for their roles, the people they work with, and most importantly, the customers they serve.

The video features candid moments from Icom’s customer service team, who are thankful for their team’s enthusiasm and talent. Kristina Pickering, Government Sales Program Manager, celebrates 22 years with Icom, cherishing the opportunity to support customers and coworkers. Digital specialist Kevin Macaraeg gives thanks for daily learning opportunities, while Jim Hanshaw, the South-Central Territory Manager with Icom, shares his excitement for the year ahead. Mark Jordan, the Senior Manager for Land Mobile Sales, appreciates the diverse and educational work environment. Abe Ahn, a business analyst with Icom, is grateful for the chance to grow with the company. Jon Paul Beauchamp, the Senior Sales Manager for Icom, tops off the greetings with a nod to Icom’s fantastic team, stellar industry colleagues, and loyal customers.

In this brief video, the Icom America team doesn’t just say “Happy Thanksgiving”; they offer a slice of their hearts, showcasing what makes their work meaningful. So, from the Icom family to yours, here’s to a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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