Harnessing Dante for Aurora Products

March 24, 2023
Chuck Espinoza

As the audio industry continues to evolve, it is essential that companies remain adaptive and creative, particularly in light of the current supply chain issues that many producers face. Aurora Multimedia’s response to this challenge with their new VPX series and Dante software-based solution is highly encouraging. Dante is a widely-used audio networking technology that allows users to transmit high-quality, low-latency audio signals over standard IP networks. Yet, due to the supply chain issues surrounding particular chipsets, some manufacturers have been unable to include Dante in their products. This is where Aurora’s software-based solution is especially advantageous – it enables VPX products to be Dante-compatible without the use of specialized hardware. Aurora Multimedia is currently the only producer of AV over IP devices with Dante-enabled software, a testament to their adaptability and enthusiasm for new trends and technologies.

The benefits to users are evident – with Dante as a software solution on the VPX series, users can effortlessly incorporate two to eight channels of audio networking capabilities without extra components. For instance, by pairing Aurora’s DTX matrix switcher with other Dante-enabled devices and adding a VPX encoder/decoder with Dante-enabled software, users can smoothly route audio signals without needing to spend time and effort on setup. Aurora has made sure to provide customers with plenty of support, from video tutorials on how to install Dante on VPX devices (coming soon!) to customer service assistance. In conclusion, Aurora Multimedia’s software-based solution for Dante integration is an impressive development and a sign of their commitment to staying ahead of the competition. In a time where supply chain issues are commonplace, this kind of ingenuity and flexibility is essential for companies to survive and thrive.

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