Healthcare Technological Innovations Drive Improved Patient Outcomes and Streamlined Processes

December 13, 2023
Jon Paul Beauchamp


Healthcare technological innovations are crucial in transforming today’s medical landscape. In a recent episode of Icom’s Podcast “Radios in Action”, Host, Jon Paul Beauchamp, the Senior Sales Manager at Icom joins forces with Brian Urban, the Director of Innovation and Emerging Markets at FinThrive to explore the transformative impact of technology on healthcare.

Urban and Beauchamp discuss the many ways technological advancements are revolutionizing patient care. Their conversation spans the integration of technology in various healthcare settings, its significant role in improving patient quality of life, and its potential to reduce healthcare costs efficiently.

They examine key aspects like:

  1. How technology bridges healthcare gaps, particularly for homebound patients.
  2. The role of emerging technologies in enhancing patient communication and emergency response.
  3. The ways in which technology shapes future healthcare models to be more patient-centric.

Brian Urban’s extensive background, including his roles at Highmark Health and Cigna and his contributions to Dartmouth’s health policy clinical practice, gives him a unique perspective on healthcare technological innovations. His academic journey, pursuing a dual master’s and Ph.D. program at Brown University, further deepens his insight into the evolving field of healthcare technology.


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