How Pro AV Stole Christmas, and Made It Better

From the Theater of Dreams at New York’s, Sacks Fifth Avenue to the festive neighbors down the street, more and more people are turning ordinary decoration into awe-inspiring holiday shows with the use of Pro AV technology.

Holiday decorating, for the most part, has meant stringing lights throughout a house or a business storefront. However, with technology advancing every day it is no surprise that the traditional way of decorating for the holidays has changed. Business and venue owners can now set up timed light shows that will completely immerse on-lookers into the ever-enchanting North Pole, use audio technology to bring harsh snowy winds to the desert, and create mesmerizing visuals that people can only dream of. The ability for Pro AV technology like LED boards to tell a story through a holiday decoration has changed the expectation of what is possible and expected today.

The popular Theater of Dreams at Sacks Fifth Avenue has been a holiday tradition for 94 years. For the first time, this year, the institution included a digital storytelling animation along with its traditional window vignettes. The show took a full year to create and featured a 10-story-tall light show, holiday window concepts and 124 Broadway dancers. Lines went out the door and wrapped around the block, an obvious sign of support for the production.

Saks’ incorporation of new technology, while still paying homage to its traditional window vignettes and production, blew people away. It left no doubts that traditional holiday decorations are still very much appreciated, but have been enhanced by more immersive and active displays.

During a press release for the Theater of Dreams production, Saks Fifth Avenue President Marc Metrick stated, “As we reimagine our iconic Fifth Avenue windows and celebrate the holiday season with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS this year, we hope to connect with people in a meaningful way while helping those in need.” He added, “From the Broadway-caliber Theater of Dreams performance on Fifth Avenue, to spreading holiday magic across all Saks stores in North America and online, we strive to deliver an unparalleled holiday shopping experience for our customers.”

Implementing this technology in holiday decorations is easier than some may think. Companies such as Amazon and BestBuy have created simple “how-to’s” for light projections and audio concepts. LED projector lights and waterproof rotating landscape projectors are being sold for as little as $20 on Amazon. A quick Google search can help someone create a simple holiday light show at home in a matter of hours.

Whether someone is busting out the old ladder to hang lights by hand or setting a light projector to coincide with Mariah Carey’s version of ‘All I Want For Christmas’, the way people and businesses use technology to decorate and convey a message is evolving.

While it is not completely “out with the old” yet, Pro AV technology is entering the holiday season quickly. It is true that technology is changing the way everything is done, however, it is a person’s curiosity that leads to new technology in the first place. So, it’s no wonder that technology is leading to new creations during the most imaginative and festive time of year.

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