ICOM at IWCE 2024: IP730 is the Solution to Scalable and Effective Communication Systems for Critical Services

March 28, 2024


At the International Wireless Communication Expo (IWCE) 2024 trade show in Orlando, the spotlight was on the latest advancements in communication technology, crucial for sectors like the military, emergency services, and public transportation. This event is a vital meeting point for professionals seeking innovative solutions to enhance their operational communication capabilities across vast distances.

In a detailed exploration of Icom’s booth, situated at booth #805, Greg Dube, a Network Sales Associate at Icom dives into the cutting-edge innovation that captured everyone’s attention: the IP730. The IP730 seamlessly integrates traditional VHF radio with LTE technology, effectively expanding the traditional 1 to 5-mile communication range to span across North America. This development represents a significant leap forward in ensuring reliable, extensive communication coverage for various critical sectors.

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