Icom’s Modernized Radio Products Cultivates the Experience for the Amateur Radio Hobbyist

July 25, 2023
Alexandra Simon


Amateur radio, affectionately known as “ham radio,” is a rapidly evolving technology that holds a special place for any amateur radio hobbyist around the globe. Today, with brands like Icom introducing groundbreaking features and capabilities in their products, the interest in this hobby has surged. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) reported significant growth in U.S. amateur radio licenses in 2020.

The question arising now is – what distinguishes modern ham radios like Icom from their competitors? What are the features and benefits that compel a hobbyist to choose a particular brand over others?

The latest episode of “Icom” presents Steve McGrane, a passionate amateur radio hobbyist, who shares his personal journey and experiences with Icom radios. His story delves into the features and the value proposition that attracted him towards Icom’s products, making it an enriching episode for ham radio enthusiasts.

A few things he also explored were:

  • His introduction to the ham radio hobby and his early experiences with different brands.
  • His preference for Icom’s 7300 model, highlighting its unique features like the waterfall display and a built-in USB sound card.
  • The satisfaction with his purchase, and his anticipation for future Icom products.

Steve McGrane, known among his peers as KM9G, is a committed hobbyist of amateur radios. Over the years, he has extensively experimented with various brands and models, enhancing his understanding and appreciation of the hobby. McGrane’s insights offer a unique user perspective into the world of ham radios.

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