ICU Delirium and Video Monitoring in Healthcare

August 17, 2023

Healthcare staff work tirelessly to take care of their patients, especially in ICUs. One of the biggest challenges staff face is ICU delirium. ICU delirium is a condition where patients can become confused, agitated, and sometimes violent after traumatic events like surgeries. In fact, a 2016 study found that up to 89% of patients experience ICU delirium.

As a result, healthcare professionals spend countless hours caring for patients to ensure that they stay safe. Olivia O’Malley, an adept ICU nurse with eight years of experience, underscores the crucial issue. However, when resources fall short and constant bedside surveillance becomes impractical. Olivia says the game-changing role of video monitoring in healthcare. She believes that this technology can not only reassure patients and their families but also provide indispensable support to healthcare teams. Olivia believes that the integration of video monitoring from AVer may bridge gaps in intensive care. Her words resound as a compelling call to embrace innovation for enhanced patient well-being.

Olivia’s Thoughts:

“I work as an adult cardiac surgery ICU nurse, and I’ve worked in the critical care setting as a registered nurse for a little over eight years. ICU delirium is a common occurrence that happens to many patients who are critically ill. And during this time, they not only pose a safety threat to themselves but also to the staff. There have been many times when due to short staffing or lack of resources, we are unable to monitor these patients at the bedside 24-7 every minute of the day.

During this time, that is when video monitoring has become the most valuable resource. Video monitoring provides a second set of eyes that allows their family members, the patient, and the healthcare staff to understand that the patient’s getting the best care that they can, as well as providing a safe resource for them to be monitored. I can’t stress enough how important video monitoring is in healthcare and is an underutilized tool that needs to be valued more and used more in the ICU setting.”

Article written by Shanice Amira Bennerson

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