InfoComm 2023: Panasonic Connect Sees Audiovisual Standards as a Pathway for Integrator Ease of Use


During InfoComm 2023, the importance of developing and adhering to audiovisual standards was a key theme. The conference emphasized that AV standards are crucial for ensuring consistency, minimizing surprises, and maintaining high-quality experiences across various platforms and environments. These standards range from general institutional AV standards to specific AV contractor standards, help organizations streamline their operations, and ensure optimal performance. By adhering to these standards, organizations can enhance their ability to manage audiovisual aspects effectively, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Amongst the many AV educational sessions held at InfoComm 2023, there were a couple of pivotal talks on audiovisual standards and integration. The “Making It Yours: Developing Institutional Audiovisual Standards” session guided organizations in developing a comprehensive set of internal audiovisual standards to ensure consistency and minimize surprises across their operations. Attendees gained insights into the benefits of internal standards and received a comprehensive review of existing industry standards.

“Enterprise IT: Network Convergence and AV System Optimization” was a tailored session for individuals aiming to integrate their on-prem corporate network with various technologies. It offered an overview of standard networking terms, providing insights into their implications for network engineering configurations. Attendees learned what to inquire from product manufacturers, systems integrators, and network engineers to ensure their chosen solutions adhere to their environment’s standards.

Panasonic Connect, a key presence at this year’s InfoComm event, found the conversation around audiovisual standards and integrators enlightening. Ryan Carson, VP of Professional Imaging & Visual Systems for Panasonic Connect, provided some session takeaways.

Ryan’s thoughts

“I think standards coming into the marketplace will be very helpful from the integrator’s perspective and, ultimately, the end user. As you’re getting the SMPTE standards, SE2010, different networks, whether it’s compressed or uncompressed for your AV needs, you’re going to need the compression; you’re going to have to be able to know that if you take two different pieces of technology and put it into your ecosystem, they’re going to work together. As these standards evolve, they will benefit the entire community in AV and the broadcast space.

In projection, two things that always matter are brightness and size. As we’re introducing new products, we keep these things in mind. For example, our new RQ product focuses on a high frame rate, 4K, which gives a great picture, helps with motion, and keeps that motion blurring out. The projection space, especially how you can create a natural, immersive environment, is just a product that fits so well within that marketplace.”

Article by James Kent

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