Is Pro AV the New Picasso?

The way in which we experience art is now elevated with the wonderful world of technology. Becoming immersive and interactive, art is no longer bound to a canvas. No exhibit illustrates this better than the work of Team Lab at Amos Rex in Helsinki, Finland.

Here, visitors become part of the art with these innovative installations. From graffiti to black waves, it is a one-of-a-kind experience. Artistic expression and creative interactivity merge on a digital canvas. It is just one way in which technology is changing a practice that dates back to the beginnings of civilization.

Why not embrace this change? Art is always evolving, this is just the next influence.

Another example of an interactive art piece is the “As We Are” exhibit at the Greater Columbus Center. This 14-foot-tall LED display is shaped like a human head. It uses LED lights to project a visitor’s face onto the display. It’s been called the ultimate selfie.

Digital Signage as Art, Changing the Vibe of Any Space

Digital signage as art is a developing trend. Many spaces have embraced it, creating intimate settings without the need for canvas on the wall. A walk through The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas reveals how the hotel and casino makes unique use of digital screens.

Screens are attached to the columns at the registration desk. Instead of being dark and boring, these screens light up the area with changing artwork. It brings in a calming vibe, which might be able to change how travelers feel at check-in. Instead of feeling tired, frustrated, and in a hurry, perhaps they might relax.

The hotel gives guests a more immersive experience as they wind down from their trip. It can immediately change their mindset and reduce their perceived wait time.

Technology Lets You Be the Artist

In Ottawa, Canada, The Canada Council for the Arts has an art tech collaboration called Performance Court. It showcases emerging Canadian artists and invites digital artists to use them as a digital canvas. The area also includes multitouch technology for visitors to create art that is motion-activated. It is a digital brush to canvas execution.

Technology plays a role in almost every aspect of life, it only makes sense that art would eventually emulate it.

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