IT and Security concerns for mission critical systems

August 3, 2023

On this episode of Signal Flow, we delve into the differences between mission-critical and commercial installations, focusing on the crucial considerations from an IT and infrastructure standpoint. Joining the show is Wayne Dorris, a cybersecurity expert from Axis Communications, who navigates listeners through the complexities of these two installation types.

For products used in mission-critical environments, manufacturers must undergo a rigorous vetting process. Mission-critical operators require comprehensive information on product compliance and hardening guidelines to ensure the highest security baseline. Cybersecurity baselines are more demanding for mission-critical environments compared to commercial setups. The products used must undergo extensive testing to guarantee their compatibility with critical systems.

Dorris highlights some common vulnerabilities observed in mission-critical installations. The three root causes of breaches, as revealed in a survey, include human error (50%), misconfiguration of devices (44%), and poor maintenance and patching (43%). The exploitation of vulnerabilities is a significant theme, which highlights the need for rigorous security measures.

Human error accounts for a staggering 50% of breaches, making it vital to empower operators with the knowledge to avoid falling victim to phishing attempts and other social engineering techniques. Training operators to identify and report suspicious activities, as well as ensuring seamless integration of logs into security operations centers, is crucial in preventing breaches.

In conclusion, understanding the differences between mission-critical and commercial installations from a cybersecurity perspective is crucial in ensuring the security and reliability of AV technology. Manufacturers should provide comprehensive product hardening guides, while IT managers must prioritize security in their product selection. Empowering operators with cybersecurity knowledge and ongoing education will play a vital role in mitigating human error and ensuring robust cybersecurity practices across the industry. Stay informed and continue to learn as the AV technology landscape and cybersecurity threats continue to evolve.

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