How Emerging Technologies Are Influencing the LED Display Buyer’s Journey


We spend all day looking at screens, but rarely are we staring at anything as beautiful as what Patrick Dunn installs.

Dunn is the Executive Vice President of Operations for Unilumin-USA and has been responsible for stunning displays in places like Las Vegas casinos, top corporate board rooms and art galleries.

The use of LED displays as art is one of the growing areas of the technology. But LED as art is hardly the only place where innovation is happening. There also is a drive to get smaller and get higher resolution at a closer viewing distance and make screens efficient and reasonably priced.

Sometimes, Dunn said, first-time LED installers can lock in on something they’ve seen elsewhere that may not work for what they’re trying to do. That’s where he and the Unilumin team will provide the needed guidance to a potential client and work toward an optimal solution that fits their needs.

“They’ll hyperfocus on one aspect of the tech,” Dunn said. “They might say, ‘I want a 1.5 millimeter pitch for this project,’ and I’m like, “OK, well, what are you going to put on the screen, how close are people going to be sitting, what type of content is it? Is it static, is it video, is it motion, is it stills, is it three-dimensional?

“We try and really start at the beginning and not even talk about product. We talk about the user experience. What we’ve found is when you take the time and work with the customer and try and educate the customer on what the product is at its core and what it’s capable of, it’s a lot easier for them to navigate the space.”

There are more and more spaces to navigate, with the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey kicking off a boom for casinos in Atlantic City, all of whom want a crisp, clean display that gives gamblers the information they need quickly.

Screens aren’t going away, but as LED technology continues to evolve, the way we look at them certainly won’t stay the same.

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