On this episode of our Pro A/V Podcast, we get to have a chat with Patty McGoldrick, who recently was named 2017 Women in AV Award from InfoComm (which is now AVIXA). We dive deep into the issues of employees vs. independent contractors and how the industry is moving more and more towards a gig economy. Another topic of discussion is Patty’s solution to these issues with her companies “gig economy” website where it not only handles the booking side of things, but payroll, benefits, projects, and the whole nine yards!

McGoldrick began her business Immediate Connections, Inc. more than 30 years ago with $3,000. Now, with seven offices across the U.S., her company generates sales revenues in the millions providing AV staffing for live events. McGoldrick has been a member of InfoComm’s Rental and Staging Council since 1992 and co-founded the Independent Technical Services Council in 2009.

For more information on Immediate Connections, be sure to check out their website! http://immediateconnections.com/