When Walt Disney opened the first modern theme park in Anaheim in 1955, it represented the first concrete attempt to create an alternate reality for visitors. Recent developments in VR technology are creating a seismic shift in just how realistic that will feel for guests.

There have been several attempts to incorporate VR elements into rides, such as roller coasters, but they have mostly suffered from the intrusion of the unwieldy gear necessary to present the alternate visuals and movements.

The suspension of disbelief is difficult to sustain when the weight of the headset reminds you of its presence. Glitchy video components can also diminish the impact of the experience.

One way to address the challenge is to build attractions specifically for the VR perspective.

Good examples of this can be found in the Showdown at Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Vista, California and the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire offered by The Void at the Disney resorts in California and Florida.