MarketScale Pro AV 01/24/19: Experiencing the Biggest Events and Best Nights


This weeks episode of the Pro AV Podcast Show is getting an inside look at one of the industry’s biggest trade shows and explores one of the most creative markets for integrators and designers. Explore the AV world of possibilities by getting a preview of ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2019 from one of the directors bringing the show to fruition. Then take a dive into the world of nightclubs and how they are using Pro AV technology to create unforgettable experiences.


Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, joined the podcast today to preview one of the largest professional AV events in the world, ISE, on February 5-8 in Amsterdam. This year’s event will feature over 1,300 exhibitors and more than 80,000 are expected to attend, bringing together the most forward-thinking integrators, installers, builders, architects, and designers from across the globe.

One of the big highlights of the show, according to Blackman, is the six different sectors that are designed to give attendees a full 360-degree view of each technology. These include digital signage, digital cinema, XR (virtual and augmented reality), Bluetooth, arena events, and hotel technology. Blackman recommends choosing one or two of these and coordinating your sessions accordingly; there’s a lot to take in over four days.

Blackman also previewed some tech he’s excited to see in action like 3-D mapping and the reveal of a new sculpture on the event’s opening day. But nothing screams 21st century Pro AV like interactivity; Blackman hyped the closing keynote, saying it’s one that shouldn’t be missed, as it will more interactive than any keynote ever at ISE.


Tammuz Dubnov, CEO of Zuzor, a technology engagement provider, came on the podcast to share what’s hot in the world’s nightclubs. The club scene has been a strong market for AV integrators, and as pixel pitch gets tighter and 4K screens become more accessible, the opportunities will keep growing.

People visit nightclubs for an escape, and LED walls are becoming a big part of the experience. Dubnov offered his thoughts on the nightclub capital—Las Vegas—and how LED walls help create a multi-sensory escape for revelers. He also walked us through how these screens with sensors work, and how they can react to a DJ, party-goers, the music, etc. “Content is really key to using an LED wall. When we work with venues, it’s all about ‘what will engage the audience and keep them there,'” Dubnov said.

AV in clubs doesn’t stop at just video walls, though. Dubnov also gives his opinion on the future of augmented reality in nightclubs. “Premise-based augmented reality is the next big thing. It’s not just for nightclubs either. Museums and retailers can also take advantage of this new technology,” Dubnov said.

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