MarketScale Pro AV 1/3: Solving the Security Dilemma


As Pro AV devices grow increasingly interconnected the need to ensure the security of these devices grows. Protecting Pro AV equipment from bad actors is an important step in making sure a project goes off without a hitch. Tim Albright, President of AVNation Media, joins this week’s episode to discuss the steps that can be taken to prevent security issues. This week’s episode also features a conversation with MarketScale correspondent Beth Osborne to recap the ways that retail locations utilized Pro AV over the holidays. She walks through specific examples detailing how AR and VR made a big push into the retail landscape.

Revitalizing Retail with Pro AV

Beth Osborne joined the Pro AV to discuss an excellent piece she wrote for MarketScale about the ways retail establishments used pro AV to improve the customer experience for holiday shoppers in brick and mortar locations.

“Everybody wants an experience these days,” says Osborne. “It’s not enough for a company or brand to have great merchandising and great products, there has to be some kind of experience.” She says this is where AR and VR have really come into play in the retail space. As shoppers flocked to stores over the holiday season, increased usage of AR and VR by retail outlets sought to add value to the overall customer experience.

Beth points to the example of Zara’s use of AR as “bridging the gap between brick and mortar and e-commerce”. Pro AV technology is the future for retailers who are looking to entice customers back into their physical locations by enhancing the overall experience.

Solving the Pro AV Security Dilemma

Securing data. It’s the focus of conversation from Healthcare’s EHRs to Industrial IoT’s smart cities. The Pro AV industry is no stranger to security either, but as the connective power of installations continue to grow and customers demand more capabilities, new security risks present themselves.

Whose responsibility is it to make sure installations are safe, easy to use and as well protected against bad actors as possible? The clients? The integrators? The manufacturers? Tim Albright, President of AVNation Media, has a simple answer: “The last person to touch a network is the one most responsible for it.”

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