MarketScale Pro AV 12/20/18: Pro AV is Powering Content Creators


Today’s episode explores how Pro AV technology is evolving to power content creators, from the podcast host to the retailer. We’ll hear from Australian author and podcast host Jono Pech on how the commoditization of AV gear is giving life to a new generation of creators. Plus, we’ll get insight from Robert Parsons of Taurus Technologies on his own Hot Market Corner, answering the question: what’s making video walls the hot market of the month?


In our first feature, MarketScale Host Elmer Guardado speaks with Jono Pech, an Australian content creator. Pech’s podcast Puttin’ in Work is an interview show about the creative process and has featured guests like voice actor Roger Craig Smith (the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog) and Sesame Workshop Animator Dagan Moriarty. His novel, The Spy and the Maven, released early last year and was completely crowd-funded and supported by his fan base and online community. What helped make this possible? Commoditized Pro AV gear.

Both take a look at the evolution of Pro AV gear and how it’s become accessible for the consumer. For content creators this is especially exciting, and yet also frightening. The barrier of entry for podcasting is so low, you have to have a unique offering and style to stand out. Quality gear is just one way to do that. Pech explains how he partnered with Audio-Technica, and explores the relationship between AV giants and the creators who use their gear.

Pech’s journey to partnership took a leap of faith. He said that when he approached Audio-Technica, he told them: “this is how many downloads I get every week, this is what the show is about, and because I’m talking to creative people, whether they’re YouTubers or musicians or podcasters, people who use microphones, or at least using that kind of equipment, it’s relevant to them, it’s also relevant to the listeners who are interested in those people and are interested in podcasting.” That got him some headphones, a microphone, and other things that created a win-win situation for both sides. For Pro AV companies, empowering these content creators could be the entrance to an untapped market of people hungry for AV gear.


Our next piece came together after an in-studio podcast with Aaron Rubner of AVTEQ and Robert Parsons of Taurus Technologies. The three of us chatted about AV in furniture, and how functional and aesthetic interior design has become a staple for collaborative and up-to-date workspaces. Parsons had such a firm grasp for this market in Pro AV, I knew I couldn’t let our collaboration end there. Parsons needed his own corner. This is the first of a monthly segment aptly named Robert Parsons’ Hot Market Corner with Robert Parsons, where we take a look at what the hot market of the month is, and why it’s popping. This time around, we’re looking at video walls and the tech that’s making it a leader in Pro AV.

Applications for video walls are continuing to expand, and Parsons said we are seeing “a lot in healthcare” because that vertical is “looking for something that offers them the high, crisp, high-definition video display, and at the same time are looking for that longevity” that will put them ahead of their competition. In Parsons’ eyes, markets believe that bigger is better, but when you can no longer get your video display through the door, you have to move to video walls. This is just another reflection of workspace evolution toward intentional, collaborative and open spaces. With the drastic drop in prices as well, businesses are getting the video walls they want without breaking the bank, making this the hot market to get into this month.

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