Dear Matt: Navigating New Features on Microsoft Teams with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap

November 3, 2023


In an age where digital communication tools are crucial for seamless operational workflows, staying updated with the latest features is essential. Microsoft Teams, as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, continually evolves by rolling out new features to enhance user experience and functionality. However, keeping track of these updates can sometimes feel like a chase.

In the recent episode of “Dear Matt: Answering All Your AV Tech Questions” by Vistacom, Matt Boyer, the Chief Tech Officer at Vistacom, addresses a common query about staying ahead of new features on Microsoft Teams. With a knack for simplifying technical intricacies, Matt introduces viewers to the official Microsoft 365 Roadmap. This platform provides detailed insights into upcoming features, their development stages, and release timelines for not only Teams but other applications in the suite as well. By simply filtering for ‘Teams,’ users can now have a sneak peek into what’s brewing. Additionally, Matt recommends Microsoft’s YouTube channel as a visual guide to explore and understand these features, making it easier for users to adapt and integrate these updates into their daily communications.

Through this episode, Boyer not only resolves a common dilemma but also encourages viewers to engage and seek answers to their tech queries, making the digital communication journey a less bumpy ride.

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