The Operation Center Communication Equation: Data + Comms = Interconnectivity

September 8, 2023


In today’s fast-paced digital age, the seamless integration of data and comms is paramount. As industries evolve, efficient and effective operation centers are becoming increasingly crucial. A recent report revealed that the demand for command-and-control centers will surge through the end of the decade. These critical settings rely heavily on well-engineered video displays for event and resource management. But how do these centers ensure they’re not just inundated with data but are also extracting actionable insights? It’s a simple, effective equation only when not overlooked: data + comms = Interconnectivity.

How are modern operation centers adapting to the ever-growing influx of data, and what role do radios play in enhancing interconnectivity and communication?

In the latest episode of Radios in Action, host Jon Paul Beauchamp sits down with Dan Gundry, a renowned advocate and expert in the command-and-control market. Together, they delve deep into the intricacies of data + comms, exploring the pivotal role of radios in today’s operation centers.

Beauchamp and Gundry discuss the following topics during their conversation:

  • Understanding the balance between visual displays and audio information and how both are vital for comprehensive situational awareness
  • The importance of bringing together end-users, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers to create a cohesive operation center strategy
  • The nuances between various operation centers, from 911 PSAPs to utilities operation centers, and how the core principle remains the same: delivering usable data on screen

Dan Gundry has been a stalwart in the mission-critical command and control market for over a decade. Initially starting as an integrator, he now collaborates with Barco, a leading name in visual displays for the command-and-control market. With a passion for various verticals including public safety, law enforcement, utilities, and transportation, Gundry’s expertise lies in understanding the nuances of communication and content vital for operators. On Gundry’s podcast, NOC Your SOCs Off, he delves into the intricacies of network operation centers.

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