Mission Critical: Systems For Quality Control to Sustain Culture and Growth

Danny Sasseville has been with Constant Technologies for 23 years. Originally an architect and structural engineer for the company, he’s now the VP of Project Engineering.

Sassevillle joined host Lukas Cox to talk about implementing systems for quality control, the benefits of these systems and his experience with them at Constant Technologies.

After the company evolved into the AV space, Sasseville moved to AV design. He said that his background is actually a benefit and that the projects he works on have more to do with architecture than engineering.

One way that Constant Tech sustains its culture and grows as a company is by being purpose-driven. Making sure everyone is informed and on board with the overarching mission is important.

Sasseville said that he and his engineering team developed their quality control system from the ground up. They took in many different perspectives to make sure anyone involved in the process can fully understand and implement their drawings.

He said that the company has started a new position for quality control: a Director of Installation services. This position oversees all installations, making sure every action is done the same way for every project and process.

The goal of the position, said Sasseville, is to implement and “follow a systematic sense of rules.”

Sasseville said that making sure all departments are involved in what’s going on in a project is “vital to our success.”

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