PPDS unveils a new line of hygiene-focused, efficient, and virtually bezel-free voice-controlled Philips MediaSuite hotel TVs at HITEC 2022

Check-in to the future: The stylish new range of Netflix® and Apple TV+™ ready Philips MediaSuite TVs brings a near bezel-free design, backed by the latest Android software and security, Chromecast built-in and new cost-saving and hygiene-focused features.

Charlotte, N.C. June 23, 2022: PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays, is excited to announce the latest evolution of its highly innovative and market-leading hospitality TV range, with the launch in North America of a new, advanced series of premium 4K, Chromecast built-in and Netflix-ready, Philips MediaSuite TVs. Bringing even more features and greater entertainment choice to hotel rooms for the ultimate home-away-from-home experience.

Unveiled for the first time in North America at HITEC Orlando (June 27-30) – Booth 1931 – the latest additions to the growing Philips MediaSuite with Android TV™ OS family include the new Philips MediaSuite 6214U series and the MediaSuite 5214U family.

Hailed as the most complete and advanced all-in-one hotel TV entertainment solution, the new Philips MediaSuite TVs combine the latest innovative and world-first features, while continuing to include all existing favorites. With Chromecast built-in™ and Netflix® ready, hotel guests have access to an intuitive and familiar entertainment experience, allowing them to cast their preferred streaming apps directly on the TV, or to cast them from their mobile device or laptop. All ready to pick up, exactly where they left off, with no added hardware or wires needed.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, International Business Manager for Hospitality and the mastermind behind Philips MediaSuite, commented: “Philips MediaSuite has redefined the role of the hotel TV, setting a new standard for control, personalization, and entertainment choice for the guest, while bringing once unimaginable back-end control and management options that allow hoteliers to truly take control of the experience they offer.

“With Philips MediaSuite there is no need to invest in additional peripherals for casting – the beauty really does all lie within. Combining unparalleled choice and quality with cost saving opportunities, it is now the go-to-choice for many of the world’s leading hotel chains. There is no better hospitality TV solution in the current market.”

New design, new experiences, more choice

Available in multiple screen sizes, including 43”, 50”, 58”, 65” and 75”, the 6214U series provides 400 nit, 4K UHD picture quality and a brand new, near bezel-free full metal anthracite color design.

Complementing the MediaSuite 6214U range, the addition of the MediaSuite 5214U family – 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” – offers hoteliers even more choice. Featuring a near bezel-free black design, the 5214U series offers 350 nit, 4K UHD picture quality and comes equipped with a stylish table stand out of the box. Wall mounting is also available, depending on preference or room requirements.

With Chromecast built-in featured as standard on all Philips MediaSuite TVs – the only hospitality TV in North America to do so – guests can cast and enjoy movies, videos, presentations, and more, in up to 4K, from their personal device (Android, iOS), giving them greater control on how and what they watch on the TV.

The functionality within the Philips MediaSuite eliminates the need for unsightly external set top boxes and hardware to manage brand messaging, guest customization and channel management, and removes the risk of theft, while keeping external wiring to a minimum for more secure, cleaner installations. The inclusion of Chromecast built-in™ simplifies the installation process further and can bring cost savings. It removes the need for additional hardware investments, app downloads, servicing costs, and recurring monthly subscription agreements – estimated at more than $250 per room. Better still, it allows users to cast confidently, safe in the knowledge that their data will be wiped from the TV at check-out.

Users have secure access to thousands of popular apps on Google Play, including popular services such as local news, sports, games, as well as content streaming from providers such as Disney+, HBO, Hulu, HBO, Paramount, Spotify™ and many more.

Supporting all needs

As with the current lines, the latest MediaSuite TVs can be managed remotely using the exclusive PPDS CMND platform or via a Hotel PMS. Designed on an Android OS, firmware can be regularly updated with the latest features, functionality, and security updates.

With hygiene being top of mind for hoteliers and guests alike, Philips MediaSuite 6214U TVs also now come equipped with a Philips Premium Hygienic Remote Control. Made from anti-microbial materials, the remote is entirely cavity-free – including no raised buttons and an anti-theft battery cover – allowing for fast and simple cleaning and reducing the risk of spreading harmful germs and bacteria.

In addition, with MediaSuite TVs running on the latest Android TV OS, their remote controls feature a highly secure**, ‘push to talk’, Google Assistant microphone, allowing guests the choice to control popular services, such as Netflix® and YouTube™, through voice-activated commands, or via dedicated shortcut buttons.

The best just got better

Joe King, Vice President, Hospitality at PPDS said: “Our customers’ needs never stop evolving, including how and when guests choose to view content. So, we must stay one step ahead, ensuring we’re prepared and ready to cater for today’s requirements, and able to adapt immediately should the environment suddenly change or evolve. Philips MediaSuite is a smarter choice across the board, saving the hotelier per room at installation and into the future, as our firmware updates extend the TV’s lifetime. Of course, having the industry’s best warranty demonstrates we are in it for the long haul.”

He concluded: “Philips MediaSuite helps hoteliers put the guest in control of their experiences. Whether viewing standard TV, catching up with their streaming shows, or casting content from their personal device onto the big screen, Philips MediaSuite lets them feel at home. The days of sitting in a hotel watching TV in a language you don’t understand or catching the latest blockbuster on a small mobile phone or tablet are long gone.”

To learn more about PPDS, please visit the website here, or contact your local PPDS sales manager.

* The Google Assistant microphone on the remote control is only activated when the user presses the GA button. A blue LED on the remote control lights up when it is active.

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