Preparing for ISE and InfoComm

May 2, 2022

Tyler Kern interviewed Paul Harris, CEO at Aurora Multimedia, ahead of the 2022 ISE and InfoComm tradeshows to explore current AV industry trends and upcoming product announcements. Aurora Multimedia is an AV industry leader providing products for all industries, “our main focus market is commercial AV… we do a lot of digital signage, hospitality, medical, we address any market,” explains Harris.

Harris prides Aurora Multimedia on its ability to redesign and shift, whereas larger competitors can be slow with operational processes severely delaying product changes and updates. Aurora Multimedia products are made in the US and assembled worldwide. Pieces like chips, caps, and other elements are outsourced. Aurora also makes it a point to rely on what products are currently available. Harris can adapt products based on availability in the global market. This gives them the opportunity to meet customer demand with a mere 6 to 8-week turnaround time.

Aurora’s nimbleness proved to be extremely advantageous during covid. The AV leader launched a temperature reading feature that Harris believes will continue to remain relevant moving forward. With the importance of prevention measures established, this feature gives businesses the opportunity to resume temperature readings at the tap of a button. Businesses can protect patrons and employees as needed while continuing regular business practices without significant disruptions.

Harris is excited to return to in-person tradeshows and spoke to the difficulty of truly understanding new screen and sound technology from a remote location. Harris continued, “the latest TV Screen Technology is not translated through an older model. It has to be seen and experienced in person.” Handling products at these tradeshows allows users to experience the perspective, proportions, weight, clarity of sound, and other features that do not translate remotely. Harris says he’s also excited to return to tradeshows in person for the buzz, the energy, and the conversations. He feels it’s an opportunity for end-users to learn about Aurora as much as he learns from Aurora’s end-users during needs-based conversations.

Find the Aurora Multimedia booth at ISE and InfoComm or visit their website

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